Breaking down my barriers

I am the baby of the family, in fact the story went that I was a mistake and the result of too many babyshams (& I held on to it as a negative belief that I was an unwanted pregnancy for many years...but that is another story!) I had a loving, caring upbringing but the underlying issues of mental health in my family was restricting.

My father was a manic depressive and as a result an alcoholic.

My mum was quiet, my dad was quite controlling and jealous, so she spent a lot of time alone and looking back I can see she was in pain. Heading off to bed with a migraine a lot.

My brother , 14 years older than me was all grown up and married at 19

My sister, 10 years older than me, has panic attacks, is agoraphobic.

Which leaves me..the adored baby.

I used to joke as a teen that if I got therapy they wouldn't know what to do with me. But that was so wrong.

Yes I was a sassy teenager, I moved out & in with a guy 6 years old than me at 16 and I did a lot of growing up then.

But overall my life and my out look at life was pretty balanced overall.

Several boyfriends later and 2 devastating break-ups that left me looking for new places to live, I found the love of my life, Ian

He was (and is) the total package of love..but I didn't meet him until I was 29, so hey I had a long time looking.

I have always loved reading and when I was about 16, I found personal development books and started learning how I could control my future, how I can manifest my life and be in control of my happiness.

Unfortunately, although I mastered so many great skills, I never truly used them to their full potential. You see reading books and going on courses doesn't mend you ... it takes you digging down, taking some action and moving the goals of your life on and on.

I compromised so much, I took the easy way (although it may not have seemed it at the time)

A corporate job, the tiny house, debt and sadly no children.

All my choices, All my non action

All my subconscious decisions (or lack of decisions!)

My turning point was reading a couple of noteworthy books

that finally made me think and decide I was ready to move forward

Then finding transformational breathwork was, I believe divine intervention

.........and so came my Breathwork Journey

About me

Karen Goddard
Karen Goddard

I live in Torbay Devon in the UK with my husband Ian and our 2 dogs.

I am a full time carer for my 92 year old dad who lives with us too.

I am an accountant, working many years for a local authority. (I do still love a good spreadsheet)

We love walking on the beach, which is only 5 minutes from the house

Reading, cooking and listening to music

My passion is learning and growing.

I love meeting and chatting to amazing people and hearing their stories.

On my dream list ?

Sharing this breathwork medicine with 5000 people before I am 60!

Posh train travels (I have a long destination list)

Writing a book (or several)

Going to Goa to volunteer teaching kids

Visiting Nashville & New Orleans

Meeting up in person with my mentor and friend Brian from Breath Masters in Bali

Plus about 100 more places to go, food to try, things to have and own

What's on your list ?

Call me on : 07402 172488

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