What to expect from a Breathwork Journey

9D Breathwork Journeys available (more added each month)

  • Self care & Forgiveness

  • Full Reset

  • 5 Trauma Imprints

  • Healing Ancestral Lines

  • Abundance in life

  • Transcending fear

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Awaken

For 1:1 sessions please

Give me a call

07402 172488

The Awakening 2pm 11th May 24

Health Source Totnes Burke Road Totnes Devon TQ9 5XL

Special "Totnes" introductory price £30 per session

Full reset 2pm 10th June 24

Health Source Totnes Burke Road Totnes Devon TQ9 5XL

Special "Totnes" introductory price £30 per session

Online Session

2nd Tuesday's a month from 7pm

Starting with "Anxiety & Stress release"

£45 per session

These events are an intense healing session, it is not advised to attend if you have any of the following health conditions:   ·      
>>Epilepsy >>Pregnancy >> Glaucoma>> Recent Surgery>>Severe mental illness>>Osteoporosis  >>Aneurysm >>Strokes, seizures<<
Please let me know if you suffer from any of the following as I can adjust the intensity of the breathwork.
>>History of Cardiovascular Disease >>other neurological conditions<<

A few things to keep in mind and prepare for the event:  
1) avoid alcohol or any drugs 18 hours before the event.   
2) Come on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after any food or caffeine.   
3) Hydrate well but stop drinking water at least 1 hour before and use the restroom before we begin.  
3) Please allow at least 15 minutes afterwards before driving or continuing regular daily activity.

What you'll need if your session is online:

>>Comfortable place to lay down; bed, couch, or mat without disturbance
>>Small pillow and small blanket
>>Blind fold/eye mask if you have one
>>A Pair of Headphones or Speaker. Over ear headphones are best for fully submersed experience or buds

If session is in person:

>>Feel free to bring a mat, pillow and small blanket, eye mask but they will be provided too

How to prepare yourself:
A) Come free of any expectations and allow whatever comes up to be
B) Judgement or criticism. This journey is very different from what are use to, so come free of judgement and ready to learn something new.
C) Have an open mind and be ready to transform. 
D) Think about you intentions for the session, what is it you would like to let go of.    

What to expect:

I will do an introduction, we will be sitting.

Then I invite you to lie down, with mask(optional) and earphones, flat, no pillow that could restrict your breathing

The session will start , if I am leading it, you will hear my voice or if a 9D experience you will hear Brian's voice, he is my mentor and an amazing soul. The sound track then frees me up to do bodywork on you, (completely your choice, what ever you are comfortable with) Bodywork helps you to release the energy that you have been holding on to, it can be comforting but totally respectful. There is sound track that takes you through approximately 45-60 minutes of deep slow breathing that is guided and about 25-35 minutes of gentle breathing, connection and integration.

There is normally 1 or 2 breath holds and 1 or 2 screams (into the pillow to avoid upsetting the neighbours!)

The sound track will either have amazing songs or if 9D, music,sounds, frequencies, vibrations and .subliminals.

At the end we take sometime to come back and share (if you want to) how you found the experience.

I hope you find the session incredible and like nothing that you have tried before ..relax, breath deep and have fun


Call me on : 07402 172488

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